The mission of the Clinton Northern Railway is to preserve the history of the railroad and its impact on small town America at the turn of the century and beyond.

Feb 09 22:22

Wow, time has flown by.

The snow has fallen along with the temperature and the many hands have become idle. Snow has covered the cars, the walk way into the depot, while removed is not filled with foot prints. The HO Layout sits quiet but all things have been kept under a watch full eye.

The CIS trail is now finished and waits for the snow to melt and the grand opening to be held. One can see the foot prints of occasional walkers, few though.

The RR team will soon meet and begin planning a schedule of tasks and a more active recruiting of volunteers (HINT HINT).

Sep 24 17:03

Bike Ride for the Railway 2014

5-mile route;  35 and 58-mile routes; 10-mile route

The Bike Ride for the Railway takes place on Sunday, September 28, with registration starting at noon at the St. Johns Depot Pavilion, 107 E. Railroad St. 48879.

SAG stops will offer cider, apples, water and donuts or cookies at no additional charge. Delicious pizza supper after the ride, also at no extra charge. Individuals ride for $20 and Families for $20. All proceeds after expenses support the restoration of the rail cars and the Clinton-Ionia-Shiawassee Rail Trail, opening in the spring 2015.

Aug 15 16:25

Silent Auction August 27 to benefit historic rail car restoration

A few items at the Silent Auction

Great deals abound at the Silent Auction before the Elvis Concert in the St. Johns City Park, Wednesday, August 27.

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History of the Railroad in St.Johns

1853 - St.Johns is organized by a group of speculators who anticipate the building of the Detroit & Milwaukee Railroad through the area

1920 - Grand Trunk Railroad Depot, which is now home to the Clinton Northern Railway, is built on Railroad Street.

1964 - The last Passenger Train ran through St.Johns

1992 - The last Freight Train ran through St.Johns

1996 - The last of the railroad tracks through the city are removed

2006 - A short section of track is laid behind the depot and a 1926 Ann Arbor Crew Car is placed there.